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Welcome to the

General Motors
(VACPF) Pension Fund

Welcome to the

General Motors
(VACPF) Pension Fund


Do you have a question about the Fund or your benefits? If you cannot find the answer here, please contact us.

About the Fund

Who should I contact if I have a question about my pension?

Who runs the General Motors VACPF Pension Fund?

A board of Trustees called GMUK Pension Trustees Limited is responsible for the administration of the Fund in accordance with legislation and the Fund Rules. Some of the Trustees are selected by the Company and some are nominated by the Fund’s members.

Is my pension secure?

The Fund’s assets are looked after by the Trustee and are kept completely separate from the Company’s assets. If the Company were to become insolvent and unable to support the Plan, the Fund may enter the Pension Protection Fund (PPF). For more details, please see the PPF’s website

How can I make a complaint?

The Trustee aims to run the Plan so that members do not have cause for complaint. If a problem does occur, please contact The Pension Department who will try to resolve your issue.

If your complaint can’t be settled informally, you can use the Plan’s formal dispute resolution procedure, which the Trustee has put in place to resolve complaints or disputes. The Pensions Department will send you the dispute resolution form for completion along with a copy of the procedure.

How do I report the death of a pensioner?

In the sad event that you need to tell us about the death of one of our pensioners, please contact The Pension Department, who will guide you through what we need to know and send you any paperwork that needs to be completed.

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